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Professionalism is one of ACIP's core values and it is well supported by a dynamic patent team comprising over 300 patent attorneys and patent agents, who can provide an all – round service  from patent application to prosecution  in fields including Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Pharmaceutical, Biology, Biotechnology and so on As one of the top patent filers in the region, ACIP files over 10,000 patent applications annually


Areas of focus include: 

· Patent pre-filing search and consulting, patent mining, patent drafting, and related services;

·  Invention, Utility Model, and Design patent applications in China; Paris Convention, PCT application, and national phase of PCT application into China;

· Patent Re-examination request, invalidation request, response to office actions, and administrative appeals;

·  Patent-infringement-related administrative investigation, enforcement, and litigation;

·  Consultation of patent/proprietary technology assignment and license trade, participation in negotiation, drafting of technology trading contract, and related legal services;

·  Consultation on patent protection, novelty, legal status, and other patent-related matters